Among the solar cell technologies that convert sunlight into electricity, dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have received a lot of attention. Although reported efficiencies for these cells have been improving, the pace of the improvements has been somewhat slow. The variations in the efficiencies for different DSSCs can be attributed to changes in the DSSC architecture and fabrication.

The aim of the database is to provide users worldwide with up to date information from literature and includes numerical property values, metadata for key elements in the experimental investigations such as semiconductor thickness, areas, electrolyte compositions etc. The database should be of broad interest to scientists in photovoltaics, quantum chemistry, chemometrics and related disciplines. Authors reporting experimental property data for DSSCs are encouraged to contact the database managers at dyesrus (link at the bottom of the page) concerning inclusion of their work in the collection.

If you are using DSSCDB in your work, kindly cite the article
The dye-sensitized solar cell database, Vishwesh VenkatramanEmail, Rajesh Raju, Solon P. Oikonomopoulos and Bjørn K. Alsberg, Journal of Cheminformatics, 2018, 10:18